Further questions on performance of IBM440GX/GP regarding boot time

Markus Bernauer markus.bernauer at freenet.de
Thu Mar 25 22:44:30 EST 2004

Hi Eugene, hello NG,

I was following the discussion about the performance of  different
IBM440GX/GP systems with increasing interest.
We are going to use an IBM400GP in conjunction with the Ebony-Evalboard
for a project that demands boot times as short as possible. Could you
please give me any hints about how fast your systems boot and whether
you optimized the systems to reach these bootup times.
I know that there are several possibilites to reduce boot time of linux,
but at the moment it would suffice to have some values for orientation.
I also know that there are differences in boot time dependent on
hardware and software configuration so it would be nice to get
at least little information about the systems the different boot times
belong to.
The other, less preferable possibility to achieve fast bootup, would be
to use SCIOPTA. But I am afraid this would be off topic, isn´t it?;-)

Thanks in advance


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