SystemACE, but I'm not a V2Pro

Jeff Angielski jeff at
Tue Mar 23 02:17:59 EST 2004

Hi Stephen,

Here is the simple change that what worked for me:

static void
xsysace_restart(char *cmd)

        /* also call the machdep restart */
        if( old_restart )

        /* Wait for reset. */
        for (;;) ;


On Sun, 2004-03-21 at 21:00, Stephen Williams wrote:
> I'm successfully using the existing System ACE adapter driver
> to mount my compact flash devices, and that's great. But I'm
> getting some baggage I don't want. Specifically, in adapter.c
> the xsysace_init function replaces the ppc_md.restart function
> with xsysace_restart, which breaks reboot on my PPC405GPr based
> board.
> The brute force method is for me to #ifdef out that bit of
> code with something like "#ifndef CONFIG_JSE" (my board is
> a JSE board) but that seems klunky.
> It seems to me there may be others who have SystemACE boards
> without V2Pro chips. Would it be safe and reasonable for me
> to use the CONFIG_VIRTEX_II_PRO config define to ifdef that
> bit of code *in*?
> (I'm asking because I'd like to integrate my board support
> into the main tree someday, so I want a generally clean patch.)
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