Dan Malek dan at
Sat Mar 20 05:47:19 EST 2004

Lou Rickard wrote:

> When I build the kernel from my 2.4 directory, I end
> up with a zImage.gz in the boot/images directory, but
> it doesn't work.

That file certainly won't boot, it's an intermedia file
that is left over from the build process.

> I'm guessing there's something I've got to do to
> convert the zImage.gz in my 2.4 boot/images directory

You can do one of two things.  Load the zImage.elf as
a binary to some address (say 400000) and start at the
code past the ELF header (g 410000).

Second, you can 'objcopy -O binary zImage.elf zImage.bin',
then load the zImage.bin (say 400000), then jump to the
address where it was loaded (g 400000).

	-- Dan

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