PCI daughter card with USB on a 405GP

song sam samsongshzu at yahoo.com.cn
Mon Mar 8 13:25:49 EST 2004

Dear Mr. Matt,

I mistook your 405 patch on 8xx for
test.Actually,there is a perfect solution for RPXlite
USB in HOST mode problem on Brad Parker's webpage.

Egg on face! I should be blamed to disturb you all.

I list the README of m8xxhci driver 1.4 as follows for
clarification.After removing R74/R75(1.5K) as two
20Ks(I only have 20K at hand) to ground on LITE_DW,USB
keyboard worked fine.

Best regards,


[ Brad Parker <brad at heeltoe.com> wrote: ]
> m8xxhci driver 1.4 USB Host controller driver for Motorola MPX 8xx
> (823/850)
> The latest testing for this driver has been done on a modified
> RPX_LITE DW 823e board.
> The modification is to remove R74 and R75 and add 15k "pull down"
> resistors from the signal pads to ground. (i.e. figure out which
> pad of R74 and R75 is the D+/D- and add a resistor from that pad to
> ground).
> This, coupled with the DW board's 48mhz sysclk routing and DRQ1#
> routing, allows the board to be a USB host controller.
> This driver disables kernel "printk" when a device is connect. The
> printk turns off interrupts for long periods of time which causes bad
> SOF's to be sent. The microcode patch requires that it be serviced
> ever 1ms or corrupted SOF's are sent out.

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