Serial ATA driver problem

Gary Thomas gary at
Fri Mar 5 01:51:33 EST 2004

sudhakar rajashekhara said:
> Hi All,
> We have ported u-boot and linux-2.4.22 on to a custom
> POwerPC MPC8280 board. Everything is working fine
> except the Serial ATA driver. We are using SATA150
> Tx2plus serial ata card which sits on PCI. We got the
> driver source code from the public domain. We have
> integrated the driver source code to the kernel and
> driver module loads itself when linux kernel is coming
> up. As soon the module is loaded we get a device
> information string as "aMtxro6 0Y080M". (We have
> tested the same driver on a x86 machine and there the
> driver works perfectly and the device identification
> string got there is "Maxtor 6Y080M0".) After this the
> board comes up correctly. When we try to partition the
> device using the fdisk command (fdisk /dev/sda), we
> get the following errors:

You obviously have an endian-ness problem here.  Don't
forget that the PowerPC is inherently BIG endian and the
PCI bus [devices] are LITTLE endian.  The driver that you
"ported" probably does not take this into account.  Any
place in the driver that accesses quantities larger than
8 bits across the PCI bus will have to be endian aware.

Clean this up and the rest will probably be happy.

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