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Thu Mar 4 05:47:08 EST 2004

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> I am working with a Lite5200 board.  I have u-boot running in a LOWBOOT
> configuration and I can run the Denx linux kernel for MPC5200,
>  using an nfs root filesystem.
> Now I want to add IDE support to the kernel.  I already have IDE support in
> u-boot and my disk is detected in the startup.
> I have added what I can think of to the kernel config but I am stuck with a
> linking error when running 'make uImage'.
> Following is the last output of the make, indicating the error.

This was a typo in the Makefile. Please update the sources  from  our
CVS server, and it should work:

PatchSet 184
Date: 2004/02/26 15:58:47
Fix typo which prevented IDE from working on MPC5200


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