Kernel hangs in early_init

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Wed Mar 3 10:56:27 EST 2004

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> Good point, I missed that. However, that particular FAQ doesn't seem
> to apply. I'm using 2.4.24+ (>2.4.5), the CFG_IMMR value doesn't seem
> to apply (PPC405GPr, not a MPC8xx system) and I double-checked that
> the bd_t structure matches. Besides, it's nowhere neer trying to access
> any of the arguments yet.

I think it does access arguments. Linux  will  need  parameters  like
clock frequencies, memory sizes etc. Passing wrong paramteters is one
of the most frequent causes of that particular failure mode.

> The stack at the time is still where U-Boot left it, near the end of
> the 128Meg memory. Is this something I should address (pardon the pun)?

I don't think so.

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