GT64260_eth (Ethernet) Driver

Dieu Morales dieumorales at
Thu Jul 29 13:19:02 EST 2004

I have had some success with making the gt64260_eth.c
driver from the 2.4.26 dev tree work with the 2.6.7
kernel.  I am able to see the ARP request and response
messages via a network analyzer. However, the response
messages appear not to generate an interrupt and I
eventually timeout when mounting an NFS file system.
My hardware maps a multi purpose pin from the
Discovery 64260 to a cascaded pair of i8259's for all
Ethernet and serial interrupts.  It is mapped to IRQ
15 using INT E which is initialized by my ppcboot
bootloader using the pciWriteConfigRegByte function.
Also, I receive interrupts fine for the keyboard and
mouse, so I feel all is OK with the i8259 driver
etc... I do not have a 64260 dev manual so I am
unclear if there is any special software
initialization needed for my configuration that must
take place in gt64260_eth.c or ev64260_setup.c or if I
am simply overlook something .   A few areas of
interest were:

In gt64260_eth.c

 * enable relevant interrupts on GT
gt_write(GT64260_ENET_E0IMR + gap, 0xb0ff010d);

In ev64260_setup.c.

/* Set MPSC Multiplex RMII */
/* NOTE: ethernet driver modifies bit 0 and 1 */

Any insight is always appreciated.

Michael Morales

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