more questions about 8xx microcode patches

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Wed Jul 28 07:44:11 EST 2004

I was working with Motorola about a year ago on USB on the MPC850.  At that
time, we were already using the I2C/SPI relocation patch.  The word from the
factory was that you couldn't use more than one microcode patch at a time on
an '850.  I doubt this has changed since then.  There was a first attempt at
a single patch for I2C/SPI relocation combined with USB.  I don't know if it
was ever released.


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I know I've never had a need to use a microcode patch.  Maybe a quick
survey - has anybody ever had a need to use two patches at once?  I'm
suspecting you may be putting a lot of effort into something that's rarely
needed.  Also, as Motorola updates their silicon the patches will likely
become less relevant (less likely that new users will need the patches).

Mark Chambers

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