enable_irq(12) unbalanced for ppc8260

김치환 willy at airpoint.co.kr
Tue Jul 27 10:37:53 EST 2004

Hi, there.

I used ppc8260 cpm timer as followings:

void  init_timer()
    request_8xxirq(SIU_INT_TIMER1, handler, 0, "TIMER", NULL);

void stop_timer()
    free_irq(SIU_INT_TIMER1, NULL);

I called init_timer() after loading module and then called stop_timer()
after 10 seconds by user space program. It works well for first time
just after loading module and executing user space program. But it fails
from the next execution of user space program throwing 'enable_irq(12)
unbalanced' error. I mean interrupt won't occur.

What's wrong? What should I do to disable timer interrupt to avoid above



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