random ramblings on 8xx patches (long and tedious :-)

Mark Chambers markc at mail.com
Sat Jul 24 01:56:07 EST 2004

> The family should be sufficient (say 8xx).
> Then everything should be automatically set up at run-time, based
> on probing code which should detect the rest.
> That's what OCP should do ideally when it is ready.
> In this day and age wasting 50k to kill every-single last
> ugly define in drivers or the setup code is worth it; again IMHO.

This sounds like a good idea, especially since the setup code can probably
be thrown away after startup.  However, does this fully solve the problem?
For instance if the user is deciding whether to include a UART or USB driver
for SCC3 doesn't he needs to know at that time whether it's on chip or not?
Perhaps udev handles this situation?

Mark Chambers

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