list of 2.6-related migration issues for embedded programmers?

Linh Dang linhd at
Tue Jul 20 03:32:15 EST 2004

On 19 Jul 2004, rpjday at wrote:

> - replace devfs with udev:  currently, even with my current 8xx 2.6
> build, i'm sticking with devfs until i'm confident i understand
> enough to move up.

It depends on your need. For our project, we don't use neither. Our
init script read sysfs and do all the mknod-ings at boot time. it's
just 2 for-loops of 3-lines each. But ofcourse, we have no hot-plug
devices nor loadable modules.

> - initramfs:  currently, i'm still using a zImage.initrd-based
> image, and all i know about initramfs is that it's checked for at
> boot time.  should i care about it?  at some point, probably, i'm
> sure.

initramfs is convenient. you don't need root access nor special tools
to create the root-fs. it very easy when you want to
version-controlled you root-fs.

my $0.02


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