looking for an implementation

Christopher R. Johnson cjohnson at gcctech.com
Thu Jul 15 02:09:16 EST 2004

I'm looking at creating a "server-side" parallel port driver for a
system that wants to look like a parallel port -based printer.  Some
(probably dumb) questions:

1. Should the existing parport arch be the right way to do this?  I
suppose I'll have to write low-level support for the particular
device/chipset, etc.

2. Or perhaps a simpler kernel driver which handles just the minimum
needed to implement the "server"?

3. Does anyone know of any examples of #2?

4. I suppose that (at least on an intel machine) a user-mode program
with ioperms might be able to do this, but I'm on ppc405.  Is this still
a possibility on ppc?

any observations or comments are appreciated

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