task utility

Marc Leeman marc.leeman at barco.com
Thu Jul 8 18:55:32 EST 2004

> i want to know whether there exist any utility in hardhat-linux which
> can tell me the status of all processes running on my embedded system
> actually i am facing a strange problem of losing my task the kernel
> starts its threads but does not show the execution of task any other
> idea?

try to use punctuation it is much easier to read text for the people
receiving the e-mail capitals when you start a new sentence are in
general a good idea too :)

Is this what you are looking for (This is the description of a debian

Package: ltt
Priority: optional
Section: devel
Installed-Size: 32
Maintainer: Yann Dirson <dirson at debian.org>
Architecture: all
Version: 0.9.5+really0.9.6pre3-5
Depends: ltt-tracer, ltt-visualizer
Recommends: kernel-patch-ltt
Suggests: ltt-dev
Filename: pool/main/l/ltt/ltt_0.9.5+really0.9.6pre3-5_all.deb
Size: 4734
MD5sum: d44058b682df9e06dde5a6b784cd97ee
Description: Linux Trace Toolkit - complete toolkit
 LTT is a kernel event tracer with low overhead.
 LTT provides its user with all the information required to
 reconstruct a system's behavior during a certain period of time.
 One can know exactly the dynamics of a system.  Why do certain
 synchronization problems occur? What exactly happens to an
 application when a packet is received for it? Overall, where do all
 the applications that I use pass their time? Where are the I/O
 latencies in a given application? etc.
 This package depends on tracing and visualizing tools.

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