Getting rid of static IO mapping

Sylvain Munaut tnt at
Thu Jul 8 03:07:20 EST 2004


I'll try to re-explain my problem more clearly. Maybe some one will
see a solution.

I'm trying to avoid any static io mapping. So no use of
setup_io_mapping. I also setup a handler for ppc_md.progress to have
early debug.
This progress function makes use of the UART, so at every call the
uart must be mapped and I have to know where.

In the current code, during platform setup, I setup BAT2 to 1:1 map
this area. So I can access it early and I know the address. But when
load_up_mmu is called, my mapping disapear ( wanted behavior ), so
from this point, I should ioremap the zone once and keep it in a
static var (to avoir ioremap/iounmap each time). The problem is to
detect WHEN I should ioremap it, detect if the load_up_mmu part is
done or not.

The solutions I have thinked of :
 - Don't use BAT2 at all and ioremap it from the start. But at that
point ioremap will use io_remap_base and not the vm. So I'm not sure
it's a good idea to keep it all the time. Does the vm will know not to
use it ? And looking at the comment in arch/ppc/mm/init.c :

        ioremap_base = 0xfe000000UL;    /* for now, could be 0xfffff000 */

I'd say that I should avoir ioremap before mem_init_done.

 - Another solution, use BAT2, then when mem_init_done == 1, ioremap.
But mem_init_done is set to 1 before load_up_mmu, so I would end up
with the same area mapped by the BATs and the pages. IIRC in the 603
manual, it's clearly noted that should not happen.

So anyone has a clue on how to do it ?

Sylvain Munaut

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