Getting rid of static IO mapping

Linh Dang linhd at
Wed Jul 7 13:58:56 EST 2004

On 6 Jul 2004, tnt at wrote:
> I wonder how it works. At the mapin_ram(), my BAT are overwritten,

No they're not. the BAT configurations (which will be used later by
load_up_mmu) are written, NOT the BATs themselves.

> then the "MMU:setio" progress is called, but at this point, my BAT
> is no longer active and my setup_io_mappings is not yet
> called. Shouldn't that crash ? During these two calls, the uart zone
> shouldn't be mapped.

setup_io_mappings is similar to mapin_ram. the configurations are
changed but not the BATs.

Linh Dang

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