CerfCube 405EP... any upgraded kernels out there ?

Lissimore Darren_Lissimore at telus.net
Tue Jul 6 02:43:53 EST 2004

Good day all,

        Currently, I am involved in a project that is trying to use CerfCube
devices for firewalling activities. These devices made by Intrinsyc use the
ibm 405EP ppc processor.

        I'm looking for any advice / help / assistance in trying to get the
on these  Cubes from 2.4.21 (Intrinsyc default kernel)  up to either a 2.4.26
or a 2.6 kernel.  I would like to here from anyone who has had success in
getting updated kernels up and running.

        Searching the email list archives, and websearching has reveiled very

        I've got the Yaffs file system driver compiling on a 2.4.26 kernel ,
and I'm
now looking at trying to get Intrinsyc's  icecube device configuration

Darren Lissimore
Slowly and surely the unix crept up on the Nintendo user ...

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