mv6360 support in mv64x60.c (was Re: GT64260_eth (Ethernet) Driver)

Mark A. Greer mgreer at
Sat Jul 3 09:02:51 EST 2004

David Woodhouse wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-07-01 at 12:10 -0700, Mark A. Greer wrote:
>>FYI, look at the "PCI P2P Configuration" register
>>(MV64x60_PCI[01]_P2P_CONFIG (0x1d14/0x1d94)).  Apparently your firmware
>>sets the device number of your hoses to 3 for some reason (default is 0
>>for PCI, 0x1f for PCI-X).
>Aha -- that's what I spent my last quarter of an hour at work yesterday
>looking for in the documentation. Thanks.
>I made mv64x60_get_type() read the register in question and query the
>correct device for ident.

>Here's what I have working at the moment -- sorry, it's a bit untidy
>still but the weekend calls... :)

>Don't look too hard at the board code yet; it's still a hacked up hybrid
>of your ev64260 code and the timesys 2.4 port.

Okay, I skimmed it an saw what you did.  I'll take a closer on Tues but
64x60 changes look okay (I'm assuming your gen550 & serial changes
aren't meant to go into this tree).

I just pushed an updated mpsc driver that works okay for me.  Well...the
first port does; the second port hangs the system but its good enough to
allow me to work on my 64360 boards.  I will fix the second port.

Thanks for the patch & have a good weekend.


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