On the MPC85xx development boards

Mikko Alutoin mikko.alutoin at luukku.com
Fri Jul 2 22:42:48 EST 2004

Hi again!

Thanks to everybody who answered my original mail about a week ago.

The tips were very helpful. For your knowledge, we decided to go with option 2 this time (http://www.metrowerks.com/MW/Develop/NetComm/8540EVAL.htm).


P.S. For those who absolutely need an optical 1 Gbps Ethernet interface on board, options 1 and 4 seem to be the only alternatives.

Mikko Alutoin wrote 24.06.2004:
> Hi folks!
> I would be happy to receive some comments on pros & cons of different
> development boards for MPC85xx cause I'm in the process of selecting
>  one.
> The final design will be using MPC8560 to implement a 1 Gbps
>  Ethernet card
> for a router. ATM support will be needed later on.
> The development environment includes a Linux PC and Abatron BDI2000
> emulator.
> Here are the boards that I am aware of:
> 1)	MPC8560ADS by Motorola
> 2)	CW8540DSEVAL by Motorola
> 3)	SBC8560 by Windriver
> 4)	Silicon Tx GP3 8560
> 5)	MPC8540 RDK by GDATech
> Are these boards all there is?
> I am under the impression that 1, 2, 4 and 5 (but not 3) come with a
>  Linux
> BSP included? Is this correct?
> Being the lazy person that I am, I'm trying to minimize the work to get
> Linux up and running on the board. I wonder which board/package gives me
> least headache? Are there any pitfalls that I should know about?
> Let us assume that the final product will not be based on a commercial
> Embedded Linux distro, but a custom 2.6 kernel with busybox & uclibc.
> Should that effect the choice in any way?
> Forgive me if the questions seem a bit foolish. The bottom line is
>  that I
> have not used any kind of development boards in the past and I would
>  like
> to receive some insight on which one of the above to choose.
> Cheers,
> Mikko

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