Lite5200 PCI not working

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Fri Jul 2 08:29:33 EST 2004

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> There is generic problem in these Fujitsu Display cobntrollers chips
> that their
> byte ordering (endianism) does not match with powerPC. So when used
> in 32 bit pixels the R, G and B bytes does not match normal way used by
> linux Frame buffer devices. Most of  chips allow configuration for little or
> big endian based on CPU but CoralP does not and this conversion must be
> done by software. For this reason we are offering two display controller

That's  why  we  implemented  drivers  fopr  the  Coral-P  which  are
independedt of the byte-order (and available under GPL).

> solutions, CoralP and Rage Mobility M1.  There is some good things in
> COralP and at the moment it is only chip specified for
> extended temperature range.

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