[PATCH][RFC]Updated MPC I2C driver

Matthew McClintock mcclintock at freescale.com
Fri Jul 2 00:59:47 EST 2004

Hi Adrian,

	The driver works well on both an mpc8540ads and a sandpoint here.
However, I just learned yesterday that i2c 32-bit read/writes on the
85xx will not always be guaranteed to work. So there does in fact need
to be an abstraction there for 8-bit/32-bit read/writes. I wrote up a
patch that does just that and it is attached, any suggestions or
different ways to implement it I would be glad to take a go at it if
your busy. I tested the patch on our mpc8540ads and sandpoint here, and
it seems to work well. One note: the FS_I2C_32BIT needs to be set in the
flags. Let me know what you think.


On Thu, 2004-07-01 at 18:19, Adrian Cox wrote:
> This version should support MPC8540 as well as MPC8245 and MPC107. I
> don't have MPC85xx hardware, so I'd like feedback from people who do.
> To use it on MPC107/824x requires the OCP patch that went by on the list
> on Tuesday. The support for MPC85xx is already in the kernel.
> If nobody has any complaints I'm ready to send it to Greg K-H.
> - Adrian Cox
> Humboldt Solutions Ltd.
Matthew McClintock <mcclintock at freescale.com>
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