mv6360 support in mv64x60.c (was Re: GT64260_eth (Ethernet) Driver)

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Fri Jul 2 00:13:21 EST 2004

More progress... the IRQ code works a bit better if it's ic_bh->v_addr
is at offset zero in the chip instead of the 0xc18 which is correct only
for the GT64260. The host bridge itself appears on the bus as device #3,
which is why we couldn't autodetect it by looking at vendor/device of
device #0.

∃ an Ethernet driver for the MV64340 (the MIPS version of the chip). It
doesn't use OCP though -- there's no OCP on MIPS. Can someone explain
why OCP is used instead of the generic platform_device functionality
provided by the kernel? Should we convert MIPS to OCP?


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