Problem in Cross compiling Pwlib for LINUX

Ale ppc aleppcrossi at
Fri Jan 30 19:43:57 EST 2004

Hi Arunkumar,

I have changed ptbuildopts.mak in this way :

    ENDLDLIBS += -lpthread -lcrypto -lresolv

    HAS_SDL =
    TRY_1394AVC =
    TRY_1394DC =

and in ptbuildopts.h undefine :

    #define P_LDAP 1
    #define P_EXPAT 1
    #define P_SSL 1
    #define P_USE_SYSTEM_SWAB 1

I have erased the default library lber, dap, dap_r, ssl, expat, dl because I
did not need of them.
In fact then I have well cross-compiled openH323 src file.
To test my board I have used the callgen323 (v 1.2.6) application program
that came from openh323 sourceforge site.
I don't test other application prg.

Because I work fine with Motorola MPC82xx and ARM7TDMI tecnology, and we are
interested to port H323 on uClinux for ARM7 too. But we have found several
problems using siap-uClinx-xx cross-compile tool. If you know about related
problem can give me a search path to solve the question?


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