Linux on a Motorola MPC5200 ?

Sylvain Munaut tnt at
Wed Jan 28 04:28:38 EST 2004


I'd like to run linux on a future custom board based on a motorola
MPC5200 and I have a few questions :

 - What is the current support for it ? Stable ... I'd need the DMA (
well, their 'special DMA fancy stuff' ;) ), ATA, DDR, I2S, AC97 mainly.
 - I'd really like to run a 2.6 kernel on it. If it's not yet ported to
the 2.6 what is the current ppc support for 2.6 ? Would I "only" need to
port MPC specifics ?
 - Where can I find the current stuff ? I've taken what is in, is there other things I should consider ?

Thanks for any informations

    Munaut Sylvain

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