FYI: Free Online Book: Inside Linux Kernel and PowerPC

Huailin Chen chen_huailin at
Fri Jan 23 05:58:59 EST 2004

Hi, team,

I tried to collect some documents related to linux and
ppc. And did some document(I'm not yet confident
enough to say: kernel analysis) about linux ppc
machine dependent part.

It's far away being good. But wish helpful and
meantime get some feedback so that I could make a
better job.

The Link is:

The ToC is:
Chapter 1 Embedded PowerPC Family
Chapter 2: Programming Model
Chapter 3: PowerPC EABI
Chapter 4: PowerPC Interrupt/Exception
Chapter 5: PowerPC 4xx Reset and Initialization
Chapter 6: Synchronization Requirements
Chapter 7: Linux Kernel Bootup and Initialization
Chapter 8: Kernel Initialization
Chapter 9: Kernel Setup---start_kernel
Chapter 10: Kernel Exception Handler
Chapter 11 Kernel Memory Management
Chapter 12: Kernel Process Management
Chapter 13 Interrupt Handling routines
Chapter 14 System Call handling
Chapter 15: PowerPC EABI Cross Compiler


Huailin, Chen

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