Intel Pro 82546 chipset performance

Dayton, Dean deand at
Thu Jan 15 03:00:35 EST 2004

Is there a PPC compatible driver available for this the 82546 Intel Pro
1000. I was just handed an SBE lanPMC card with this chipset on it
yesterday. I am trying to use it on an 8265 based system with a 2.4.21
kernel. The driver in this kernel crashes on startup. A quick look at the
driver makes me think that it has never been used on anything but x86. Am I
misreading the situation? Is there an enhanced driver available?

Dean Dayton

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> Subject: Intel Pro 82546 chipset performance
> Hi
> We're trying to use the Intel Pro 1000 adapters with the
> 82546 chipset for a packet switching application. Has anyone
> investigated performance on this chipset? With minimum sized
> ethernet frames, the maximum throughput I can get is about 1
> million packets per second (versus a 1.4 mill for line rate
> on a gigethernet) and it looks that performance is skewed
> towards receiving traffic (rather than sending out).
> If anyone has any opinions or thoughts I'd appreciate them.
> It's hard to get information out of Intel.
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