socket programming without RTnet.

김치환 willy at
Thu Jan 8 21:34:09 EST 2004


Well, for my socket programming on RTAI patched linux 2.4.20, I tried
to find some socket APIs. But there were any what I expected such as
socket() a standard BSD APIs.

I know I can use the RTnet. But before using it, I want to program a
socket application without the help of RTnet.

Just before I found some APIs starting sys_ net/socket.c like
sys_socket, sys_bind(). To use them I added their symbol in netsyms.c.
And I made a hello-world function using sys_xxx functions.

    Oops: kernel access of bad area

But the problem is that when I loaded my hello-world app as a module
after booting. Why can't I use those APIs? I think loadable module is a
part of kernel.

If I can't use those APIs, is there any good way to make a socket
programming without the help of RTnet?


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