Parallel port in 405GP?

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Tue Jan 6 16:17:52 EST 2004

Hi !!!

I am a newbie to embedded and linux. And I want to know if the IBM Walnut
405GP board has a parallel port. From the meagre documentation that I have
read, I find nothing to suggest that it has. Am I right on this one ??

Thanks in advance.

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Subject: Re: memory problem with fec on 8250

On Monday 05 January 2004 09:15, Wojciech Kromer wrote:
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> >
> >Is it possible that there is something wrong in the way how the:
> >"netif_wake_queue(dev)" gets called from the interrupt handler in the
> >"fcc_enet.c"? I can confirm this problem for 2.4.18 as well as 2.6.0
> >kernels on mpc82xx.
> i don't know exactly what's wrong with 82xx code, but i wrote a small
> patch that frees unfreed skbuf before allocating new one, and now it
> works fine
> additionaly, i had no problem with (almost) the same code on 8xx

hi, Wojciech
can you send the patch?
did you free skbuffs from the irq handler or somewhere else?

when i run netperf (snapshot) test using the 100Mbps connection, this
test eats all the available RAM. the /proc/meminfo shows that most of the
memory at that point is been held by internal kernel structures (Slab).

by, Samo

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