[PATCH] Insight Memec Virtex-II Pro Development Board support

Wouter Cloetens wouter at mind.be
Tue Jan 6 01:38:47 EST 2004

On Fri, Dec 12, 2003 at 10:56:01PM +0100, Wouter Cloetens wrote:
> If needed, we can also submit the diff against the linuxppc_2_4 tree.

That's available too now on ftp://ftp.mind.be/Virtex2Pro/patch-v2.4.23_linuxppc_2_4/.
One notable difference with the patch against the devel tree is that
I've applied a patch to allow the boot code to pick up the command line
from RedBoot (arch/ppc/boot/simple/misc-embedded.c).

> The patches should be applied in the following order:

See the README file in that directory.

> We commit to maintaining this port on an ongoing basis against the
> linuxppc_2_4 tree.

And that's still true. Would any of the committers be so kind as to
merge this into the linuxppc_2_4[_devel] trees? Or is there anything
else (besides posting the link to the patches here) we should do to get
this stuff in?
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