linux hangs after MMU:mapin

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Fri Jan 2 04:27:16 EST 2004

Dear Nag,

in message <Law15-F93QzWsfdg29l00008f3e at> you wrote:
>       I am trying to port Linux on PPC405GP. I have downloaded
> linuxppc_2_4_devel using BitKeeper and compiled using powerpc-linux-
> tools. And I followed the following steps to compile kernel.
>       make walnut_config
>       make mrproper
>       make menuconfig
>       make dep
>       make uImage
>       After exucuting final step, vmlinux.UBoot has been created in
> /linuxppc_2_4_devel/arch/ppc/boot/images.
>       Boot Loader: I am using U-BOOT-0.4.0 as a boot loader.
>       Board: Custom Board with IBM walnut405 features.

Did you adapt the kernel sources (1) for use with U-Boot? [The struct
board_info  as  defined  in  "arch/ppc/platforms/walnut.h"   is   not
compatible to U-Boot] and (2) for use with your hardware [Your custom
board is probably not exactly identical to the Walnut.]

>         What could be the problem? Any suggestions are apreciated.


Best regards, and a Happy New Year!

Wolfgang Denk

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