Kanchana Sethu kanasethu2002 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 27 11:33:31 EST 2004

Hi, I am writing an i2c driver for the STM41T11 on an
embedded PPC platform.  How does one request a unique

Reading through kernel/Documents/i2c/writing-clients
"struct i2c_driver foo_driver
    /* name   */  "Foo version 2.3 and later driver",
    /* id     */  I2C_DRIVERID_FOO,

    <snip> <snip>

The id should be a unique ID. The range 0xf000 to
0xffff is reserved for local use, and you can use
one of those until you start distributing the
driver. Before you do that, contact the i2c authors
to get your own ID(s)."

Who are the i2c authors?  How can I contact them for
this unique ID?

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