PCI daughter card with USB on a 405GP

Xavier Miville xmiville at oerlikon.ca
Fri Feb 27 03:27:51 EST 2004

You will need to apply the corresponding linuxppc patch
(/pub/linux/kernel/ports/ppc/2.4) to 2.4.22. The zvmlinux doesn't seem
to be built with only 2.4.22.

Hope this helps.

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 09:05, v.sudeep at exgate.tek.com wrote:
> 3. I downloaded and built the tool chain for the 405GP. And am running
> into
> problems trying to compile the linux 2.4.22 kernel. I am not sure of
> what I
> must do to create the treeboot image... I think by default it does not
> do
> it.. it creates only the vmlinux.gz

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