Activating SystemACE support

Jeff Angielski jeff at
Fri Feb 27 03:02:24 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 22:54, Stephen Williams wrote:
> I have a board that, like the Xilinx ml300 board, has a SystemACE
> chip on it. I would like to activate the existing SystemACE drivers
> support in the kernel, but it is not clear to me how I pass to the
> drivers the base address and IRQ that has been assigned. Does anyone
> has any suggestions?

The SystemACE driver is currently written as a subset of the
CONFIG_XILINX_OCP code.  So the easiest thing is to just add another
xparameters_xxxx.h and have it conditionally included into the
arch/ppc/platforms/xilinx_ocp/xparameters.h file.  Put your board
specific information in that file and you should be fine from there.

You might have to also munge the files and/or Makefiles to
make sure everything gets included that needs to be there to support the

Incidentally, I would be interested in hearing what kind of transfer
rates people are seeing using the SystemACE.  I have run some Bonnie
tests on the filesystem on my MPC8266 board and it is pretty slow.

Jeff Angielski
The PTR Group

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