EDK6.1 vs. EDK3.2 clarification

Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Thu Feb 19 04:28:55 EST 2004

Hi there,

Added configuration options to Linux config.in to control (actual names
are slightly different for internal naming convention):

	CACHE_MODE	-	Toggle these
	CACHE_REAL	-	Real mode cacheing enabled
	CACHE_KERNEL	-	Kernel pages cacheing enabled
	CACHE_USER	-	User pages cacheing enabled

The system now boots if I disable all cacheing and it seems to be ok.
However this only partially helps me and I still welcome input.

Anyone know of any particular reason why this Memec Insight board would
dislike cacheing being enabled especially with EDK6.1 hardware?

I would love to hand validate the cache contents and this kind of thing
but the Xilinx documentation is not good. The Xilinx XMD FAQ says that
icachestartadr is a command when in fact it is a parameter to ppcconnect
and then fails to provide an actual example of its use. *Sigh*.



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