2.6 kernel ppc tree

Rod Boyce rod_boyce at stratexnet.com
Wed Feb 18 08:30:41 EST 2004

I downloaded the the 2.6.1 Linux kernel and compiled it for the RPX-Lite board.  I discovered that the UART driver in arch/ppc/8xx_io/ has not been ported to the 2.6 kernel otherwise I had no problems.  I have not had time to get back to the 2.6 porting effort and update the uart.c file.  If ther eis another one out there I could try it out but that is where I left my effort.  Otherwise I would guess you may not have too many more problems but I have not been able to spend much time on this.

Rod Boyce

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Is there a tree for ppc for 2.6 kernel, which I can download and compile for
mpc8xx based boards? Any help is welcome.

Lokesh Kumar
Wireless Matrix USA Inc.

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