Linux on a Motorola MPC5200 ?

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Mon Feb 16 22:43:21 EST 2004

In message <17D9D7DF3CD5A94A9B4E82778D24391910A121 at MITRON> you wrote:
> 	What means simple in this context? No ADC, ... What codec you're
> planning to use?

"simple" means just being able to record an audio stream and store it
in a file while simultaneously playing another file from disk.

> 	Has this "project" released any stuff yet? As far as I've been
> searching in latest linuxppc_2_4_devel, I've not been able to find anything
> regarding i2s issue.

It makes little sense to put what we have on the server; not with the
current BestComm code.

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