DavidHo at nanometrics.ca DavidHo at nanometrics.ca
Fri Feb 13 05:00:16 EST 2004

The EXT_DIRECT item is already there in the configuration menu.  I thought
it has been fully implemented in that version, until I saw the functions
are not being called in platform_init.

Base on your knowledge, which kernel version has this mode (MPC8xx IDE)
fully working?

And do you know the work involved in porting the support to 2.4.18?  I am
gauging which is the easier route moving all the changes I have already
made to 2.4.2x or porting the changes to 2.4.18.


> I'm using a variant of the 2.4.18 kernel from timesys.
> The kernel is compiled with those settings.  (in your email)
> I had to add a call to m8xx_ide_init in m8xx-setup.c at the end of
> platform_init.
> I can only find these defines in ide-m8xx.c.  I am thinking there must be
> more to it than the one file.

Hmm. 2.4.18 is pretty old. I don't know if there's support for MPC8xx IDE!

CONFIG_IDE_EXT_DIRECT was introduced long (!) after

Did you add the code for IDE_EXT_DIRECT yourself?


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