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Who calls ide_init_hwif_ports (function in asm-ppc/ide.h) if
CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEPCI is not configured and ide_default_io_base always
returns 0?

That's what's puzzling me.


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I'm using a variant of the 2.4.18 kernel from timesys.

The kernel is compiled with those settings.  (in your email)

I had to add a call to m8xx_ide_init in m8xx-setup.c at the end of

I can only find these defines in ide-m8xx.c.  I am thinking there must be
more to it than the one file.

Thanks for your help,

DavidHo at nanometrics.ca wrote:

> My application needs a compactflash and a 1.8" disk drive connected to
> MPC852T.  Since the compact flash has already taken up the only PCMCIA
> slot, the disk drive is directly attached to the PPC bus so I need to
> enable EXT_DIRECT for the disk drive.

> I haven't been able to make linux call the ide_init_hwif function.  I
> looked at how ide.c works and it looks like it enables IDE interfaces on
> the PCI first (ide_default_io_base returns non-zero).  I haven't yet been
> able to find out where it call my function.
> Would you be able to tell me how you got this mode working.

I do if you tell me which kernel version you tried.
I guess you have

# CONFIG_IDE_8xx_PCCARD is not set
# CONFIG_IDE_8xx_DIRECT is not set

in your .config file?


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