Linux on MPC5200 - LITE5200EVAL

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Feb 12 07:08:55 EST 2004

In message <402A7561.7020105 at> you wrote:
> I've managed to compile U-Boot in a lowboot configuration :
> # make MPC5200LITE_LOWBOOT_config
> # <edit the of the board to set TEXTADDR>

No such edit is necessary!!!!

>  From there I download the freshly downloaded/compiled kernel image (
> from denx cvs linux_2_4_devel, configured with icecube_5200_config ) and
> try to boot it :
> zone(1): 0 pages.
> zone(2): 0 pages.
> Kernel command line:

You don't pass any "bootargs" here? Where is your root filesystem?


> POSIX conformance testing by UNIFIX
> PCI: Probing PCI hardware
> PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 0 of device 00:1a.0

This looks fishy. Is there a PCI card installed? Remove it!!

> But as you can see, it doesn't exactly do what I hoped ;) I was waiting
> for an "Unable to mount root" since I didn't put a rootfs yet but it
> crashes before that ( i think )

Did you modify the kernel configuration? Did you try  passing  useful
kernel boot arguments?

>  From what I can see in the, the call backtrace are :
> c0003918 t run_init_process
> c00073cc T arch_kernel_thread
> Any comments ?

At the moment my guess is that you have a  PCI  problem.  Remove  any
cards, and retry using useful boot arguments.

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