Fw: MPC8260 bad interrupts

Ing.Gianfranco Morandi (LAN) gianfranco.morandi at euro-studio.it
Mon Feb 9 22:24:46 EST 2004

> Jon Diekema  wrote:

> This problem was discussed on mailing list before also and you can
> eliminate this problem by inserting a sync instruction at a certain
> place in the 8260 interrupt handling code. See, for example,

I had the same problem with our custom driver, and the patch eliminated the
After a double check on our code we found a small bug over a possible race
After fixed the bug we removed the sync instruction and bad interrupt never
happened again.

My personal suggestion is:

1 - have a look to the mail thread then  you will discover that this problem
     occours only with centain kernel revision;
2 - double check your code to be sure that you do not have any race
3 - check your hardware init sequence;
4 - finally apply the patch (only in you do not have any better solution).

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