how to Compile linuxppc 2.5

sun-zj sun-zj at
Sat Feb 7 15:22:55 EST 2004


Sorry for wrong information, I get the linuxppc_2.5 from
bk:// not from Denx.:(  But I want to know
whether I can make  kernel from the source even if it is not from your
sites. When I make the FADS_config, It complains the no FADS_config rules
exist, but the directory arch/ppc/configs has FADS_config.
another question how can I get linuxppc_2_5 from your sites?

Thanks very much for your great works on PPC!!!
Best Regards.
Zongjun Sun

Beijing TDK Corp.Ltd
8610-82644933 ext:6210

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