2.6.10-rc3 for 8xx booting "load_kernel(...)" function problem vs configuring and initializing serial console ?

Steven Blakeslee BlakesleeS at embeddedplanet.com
Fri Dec 24 07:49:30 EST 2004

> CONFIG_CMDLINE="console=ttyCPM0 panic=3 root=/dev/ram"

All I had to do to get the rpxlite running was do "console=ttyCPM0
root=/dev/ram rw".  Check the default config for the rpxlite, that may
help you.

>  ********(then from load_kernel() I would see)********** 
>  loaded at:     00180000 0035622C
>  board data at: 0035313C 0035317C
>  relocated to:  001852CC 0018530C
>  zimage at:     001857F9 00226057
>  initrd at:     00227000 00352ADF
>  avail ram:     00357000 02000000
>  Linux/PPC load: panic=3 root=/dev/ram
>  Uncompressing Linux...done.

It would appear you did not recompile the kernel or you did not reload
it.  It still shows the command line without console=ttyCPM0.

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