Error cross-building Linux 2.6 for 8xx

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Fri Dec 17 21:32:14 EST 2004

"Povolotsky, Alexander"
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> Hi - I am double posting this on both:
> linuxppc-embedded at and
> etux at, hoping to increase the 
> audience and, hence, to maximize the
> number of responses (if

Pls try to avoid cross-posting your technical message.

> Then I took the I2C configuration out and tried to
> build the kernel again -
> but I am still getting errors
> (not sure though whether cross-compiler
> "contributes" to those recent errors
> or not ... - I would, as always,
> appreciate any opinion/input ! ):

To get a workable 2.6.x 8xx kernel running with
ramdisk root filesystem, you could refer to:

And also from this thread, you could get a clear clue
on the 2.6 porting on 8xx.

I tested 2.6 kernel on RPXlite DW from 2.6.7 to
2.6.9-rc2 with ELDK3.0. All worked fine with ramdisk.
If adding the ONE-LINE patch from Pantelis Antoniou
which you could get it on the thread, it could work
right with NFS but still need some fix to make it on

It seems that we leave the right result just one step
but it's most likely the most difficult part, IMHO:-)


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