[Patch] Full Duplex DM9161 MII support on MPC8272ADS

alebas at televes.com alebas at televes.com
Thu Dec 16 00:31:08 EST 2004


This patch tries to add MII support for the DM9161 PHY
used in the mpc8272ads boards. I have literally copied
this from the driver in kernel 2.4

I have also included modifications nedded to support
both PHYs on the board (as done in kernel 2.4).

Two more minor changes are also in the patch
 - PHY_INTERRUPT is changed from IRQ7 to IRQ5 in mpc8272ads
 - Access to BCSR to enable the second console in function
   m82xx_board_init is commented out (it was generating
   an exception).

Best regards

Alex Bastos

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