Lite5200 and PCI1520

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Tue Dec 14 11:32:56 EST 2004

Dear Andrew,

in message <002a01c4e16e$34451010$4000a8c0 at CAT> you wrote:
> I posted a question on cardbus with the 5200 a few weeks ago but got no
> reply. I think the reason is that cardbus / pcmcia support may not have
> been considered when the 5200 PCI memory map was laid out, but I would
> love to be contradicted!

I think I can confirm that this was not considered, but I'm not  sure
that this is an issue here.

> I also have a few outstanding issues that I haven't resolved yet, hence I
> haven't posted a full patch, but I can now load and configure a wireless
> ethernet card. Loading cardbus drivers currently fails when accessing PCI
> configuration space on the cardbus bus, and I haven't sorted this out yet.

I'd like to see your patch (even if preliminary).

> Part of the reason for my reply is also to check if my current approach
> (remapping the PCI address space) is sane - comments anyone? I have made
> similar changes in u-boot and can now read / write CF cards so it seems
> like the right approach for the kernel too.

Unfortunately I don't have any hardware yet with  a  working  cardbus
interface. But this might change soon...

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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