Lite5200 and PCI1520

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> and write to CompactFlash devices behind a PCI1520 PCI bridge on a
> custom Lite5200 board.  I am admittedly new to this process within

Now what? Is it a custom board, or a Lite5200? 

> embedded devices and could use some direction.  We're using a recent
> 2.4.25 kernel from Denx, as well as UBOOT 1.1.1 and ELDK2.1.  

U-Boot 1.1.1 is old. You better use current code (top of CVS).

ELDK 2.1 is extremely old. You better use a current version (3.1).

> I can't access anything plugged into the sockets!  PCI1520 registers
> detect a card is inserted, but I can't read and write to flash cards
> from Linux.  I checked out PCMCIA Card Services from CVS, compiled and
> ran cardmgr and it gives a seg-fault, but indicates it is watching the

What's you PCMCIA config file looking like?

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