AW: video card for Lite5200

Martin Krause Martin.Krause at
Sat Dec 11 02:45:18 EST 2004

Hi Clemens,

Clemens Koller wrotes on Freitag, 10. Dezember 2004 16:11:
> > From the silicon motion homepage you could get a framebuffer driver
> > for the SM501 PCI card. This should work without great
> > modifications for PPC systems.
> Thank you, I know that thing. I started with that driver, but I did
> quite a lot of code cleanup (I guess there are lots of leftovers from
> the SM7xx parts). I am about to put this into a loadable
> kernel module fbdev driver.
> Later on, we might need some power management, use it on
> different resolutions and use the other on-chip peripherals...

Oh, sounds interesting. We took the driver from SMI and hacked it
to run on our board. Three different resolutions are possible:
640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768. We use "fbset" to change it.
But with the higher two resolutions, the picture is very noise. 
I think this is because of two high SM501 internal memory clocks.
Unforunately the datasheet of the grafic controler is very spare -
not to say poor. So I yet couldn't figure out, at wich speed the
memory clock is running actually and how to change it.

> Do you use any of the other peripherals of the SM501, too? (USB,
> Audio, 8051) 

No, actually not.


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