BDI2000 gdb register display

Robin Gilks robin.gilks at
Thu Dec 9 07:13:37 EST 2004

MuthuGanesh M wrote:
> What is there in your reg8xx.def?
> Regards,
> Muthuganesh

Many thanks for the reply - I'd forgotten about that file!

I'm using the standard reg860.def file as supplied with the Abatron 
debugger. Sample below:

sp              GPR     1
pc              SPR     26                      ; is SRR0
xer             SPR     1
lr              SPR     8
ctr             SPR     9
dsisr           SPR     18
dar             SPR     19
dec             SPR     22
srr0            SPR     26
srr1            SPR     27
cmpa            SPR     144

I hope this provides sufficient to verify...

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