MPC8272ADS and frame buffer

Federico Lucifredi flucifredi at
Wed Dec 8 11:49:24 EST 2004

Hello Linux-PPCers,
    I have a quick one: I am looking at the Arabella kernel on the 
MPC8272ADS, which I am planning to use as a prototyping platform while 
we get to figure out a BSP for our custom board.

    Now, I have an Epson card on hand (13806) which I know to be working 
on ppc, and which has drivers as a kernel patch for 2.4.21, and I have a 
radeon card on hand which I used to like because of its vesa 2.0 
compliance.  The first brings up the problem of porting the patch to the 
2.4.26 kernel, which Arabella/Yuli Barcohen customized to the 
MPC8272ADS. The latter, according to Yuli himself, won't work because of 
BIOS initialization issues.

    I do not mind buying another card if necessary (time is at a greater 
premium), but I would like to know that there is a 2.4.6 driver for it 
or that it is supported by Arabella's kernel.

Anyone here using the Arabella BSP on the 8272ADS with a frame buffer on 
it ? What setup are you using?


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