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Fri Dec 3 02:41:17 EST 2004

I have an 852t board with 2.4.19 running.  It uses smc1, scc3 and scc4.
I used a stock configuration so that smc2 comes up as though it were
present and is tts/1.  But I made no modifications to the kernel and
there were no conflicts.

Are you trying to use a microcode patch?  If so, tell us which one(s)
The whole 8xx microcode patch issue went through a big discussion
a couple of months ago.

Mark Chambers

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From: 김 창식
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Subject: [micropatch]mpc852t

I use proting linux2.4.18 in mpc852t.
I found overlay smc1 and scc3 in dpram paramater.
I try to micropatch mpc852t. but it didn't
Let's me know how to use micropatch.

Thank you for reading a mail.

from cs. kim.

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